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Discover the Pure and Sweet Taste of New England with Our Wildflower Honey in Hooksett, New Hampshire! Our honey is harvested from the lush and vibrant landscapes of New England, capturing the essence of the region's diverse wildflowers. Our bees roam free and gather nectar from the freshest flowers, producing a rich and flavorful honey that is as pure as it is delicious. Our Grade A wildflower honey is unprocessed and only filtered, allowing it to retain its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. Taste the difference for yourself and experience the true essence of New England in every spoonful of our wildflower honey!

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We offer a wide range of products all made from honeybees!

whipped/creamed honey

Whipped honey, also known as creamed honey, is a delicious and creamy alternative to traditional liquid honey. Made with pure, natural honey, whipped honey is processed using a unique method that creates a smooth, spreadable texture that is perfect for use as a topping, spread, or sweetener. Unlike liquid honey, whipped honey does not drip or run, making it a convenient and mess-free option. Whipped honey is made by gently whipping or creaming liquid honey until it becomes light and creamy. This process creates tiny crystals in the honey, which gives it a light and fluffy texture. It's important to note that whipped honey does not contain any dairy - it's simply honey that has been whipped to perfection! Try our delicious whipped honey and experience a whole new way to enjoy the natural sweetness of honey.

new england wildflower honey

Indulge in the pure, sweet taste of New England with our wildflower honey! Our honey is harvested from the vibrant landscapes of New England, capturing the essence of the region's diverse wildflowers. With its rich, golden color and deliciously complex flavor, our wildflower honey is a true delicacy. And because it's only filtered through a fine screen, it retains all the natural enzymes, antioxidants, and beneficial nutrients that make honey so good for you. Drizzle it over your morning toast or oatmeal, use it as a natural sweetener in your tea or coffee, or add it to your favorite recipes for a unique and delicious twist. Savor the taste of New England with every spoonful of our wildflower honey - it's the perfect addition to any pantry!

bulk wax

Looking for raw, unprocessed honeybee wax that you can use for a variety of projects? Look no further than our bulk honeybee wax product! Our wax is 100% pure and unprocessed, harvested straight from our hives and ready to be used in all your favorite DIY projects. Whether you're making your own candles, lip balms, or beauty products, our honeybee wax is the perfect ingredient to add natural sweetness and nourishment. Our bulk honeybee wax is versatile and easy to work with, allowing you to create custom products that are uniquely yours. You can even use our honeybee wax to create your own reusable food wraps or to waterproof outdoor gear! So why wait? Get creative with our high-quality honeybee wax and experience the natural goodness of unprocessed, raw honeybee wax for yourself!

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